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Con, il nostro Centro Studi rilascia periodicamente report, paper, prodotti e corsi rivolti a diversi target, in particolare per la formazione di giovani analisti e l'intelligence aziendale.



Tra opportunità e minacce

per il Sistema Italia 



A promotional product made by Intellego, in collaboration with AMIStaDeS, concerning the opportunities and risks of the Belt and Road Initiative. An insight for Companies and Senior Management, a useful tool for all the stakeholders of the projects.



Idee e riflessioni

per il decennio futuro

Prospettiva 2030 (2030 Perspective) is a series of papers released to push the establishment to have a forward-looking perspective over the next decade.

Paper are released irregularly according to the applications received and they do not necessarily represent the point of view of the Promoting Institutions.

>> Metamorfosi del Mondo  <<

Metamorfosi del Mondo is a free digital review, created by Intellego in partnership with the cultural associaiton AMIStaDeS.

Created in 2017, Metamorfosi del Mondo is released irregularly after some specific events. The aim of the creators is to talk about wide-ranging topics, trying to have a forward-looking approach in all the analysis.

You can submit your articles to be realised on Metamorfosi del Mondo by sending an e-mail to, attaching your CV and following the Style Manual you can download here.

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