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Conosci la nostra storia



On June 12, 2017, on a beautiful sunny day, after months of projects, commitment and love, Claudia Candelmo, Valentina Nardone, and Irene Piccolo founded AMIStaDeS (here, some photos from our anniversaries ).

The name comes from the acronym of the blog A Me Importa Soltanto di Sapere (AMISDS); it refers to the friendship of the three founders and, at the same time, to the main objective of the association, which is to promote friendship through international culture.


The logo of our Study Center is a phoenix holding the Earth between its wings to make it rise again from its ashes.


Our team currently consists of the President, the Secretary-General, and the Treasurer, and:


- 4 directors - 17 assistants   - 43 analysts  



Since 2017, we have engaged in activities that promote international culture, especially within schools where we organize extracurricular activities to raise awareness among young people. Since April 2020, internship projects for High School students have been available.

We offer online and in-person courses for everyone interested in international topics. Our goal is to tackle misleading news or misinformation deliberately spread by the media and politicians.

We organize formal events, such as institutional conferences and informal ones, such as compelling book presentations and Geopolitical Happy Hours (launched in Rome in December 2017) to promote greater awareness among citizens.

We promote the work of young and valuable authors from different parts of the world. On our website, we publish their analysis on specific topics and geographical areas. Furthermore, we release reports mainly addressed at companies in partnership with Intellego.

We also collaborate with Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and other partners operating in different fields of international culture.

Since 2019, we have been part of an international consortium involving: Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece and Cyprus, in the context of the Erasmus+ project "EAST - Entrepreneurship as self-employment tool".

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