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Progetti Europei



Entrepreneurship as Self-employment tool.

Skills and qualifications within ECVET 

KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training


Leader: Asociación Valencia Inno Hub – Spagna

The main objective of EAST project is to develop a training itinerary for entrepreneurship / small businesses management following ECVET recommendations and thus applicable in different countries, having thus among its objectives the promotion f high quality entrepreneurship and self-employment over Europe.


Other objectives of the project are:

  • Define a profile of entrepreneur with associated knowledge, skills and competences;

  • Develop a proposal for the application of ECVET system to non-formal and informal entrepreneurial education, with the definition of a Europass and learning pathway that fits to the learning outcomes system; 

  • Set up recommendations for the application of ECVET in continuous learning in partners’ countries; 

  • Establish and promote methods of e-learning and app-learning, as well as the use of OER thanks to an online platform; 

  • Promote mobility in adult learning and contribute to the European Area of Skills and Qualifications.


The main target groups are unemployed people, women and men, including migrants and people at risk of social exclusion, that are seeking for new opportunities in the changing labour market of the post-crisis era. They lack preparation to reach an entrepreneurial profile, and are lost among a large offer of training without clear awareness of their training needs and possible pathways.


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Date of launch: October 2019

Duration: 24 months 

I MEETING: On 14 -15 October 2019 Valencia Innohub hosted the kick-off meeting of EAST project.

II MEETING: Because of the COVID-19 emergence the meeting scheduled in Italy on 23-24 April 2020, hosted by AMIStaDeS, has been replaced by an online meeting.

III MEETING: Because of the COVID-19 emergence the meeting, scheduled in Greece on 20-21 January 2021, has been replaced by an online meeting.

IV MEETING: Because of the COVID-19 emergence the meeting, scheduled in Cyprus on 21 April 2021, has been replaced by an online meeting.

V MEETING: it took place in Poland on 21-22 September 2021, in semi-presential mode.




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