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L'orizzonte degli eventi- Online the new issue on "Sovereignism and Europeanism".

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

It is online the 4/2021 issue of "L'orizzonte degli eventi", the AMIStaDeS publication accredited by the National Research Council and aiming at a greater and more correct divulgation regarding the issues of international culture.

The issue n.4 (only IT version: "Il sentimento europeo: sovranismo ed europeismo alla prova dei fatti. I case-studies di Regno Unito, Ungheria, Polonia e Italia") is focused on the concepts of Europeanism and sovereignism, both in their individual meanings, and on the concept of Euroscepticism. This last phenomenon is becoming more and more relevant within member States of the European Union.

For this reason, the authors, Marco D'Amato ed Eugenia Esposito, examine in more detail the cases of Countries that recognize the importance of joining the EU, but do not demonstrate their belonging to the values and principles of this community. In this pathway, the referendum of Brexit expressed the highest level of skepticism in the EU.

Finally, this analysis could not omit the Italian context, in order to understand how this Eurosceptic sentiment has developed over the years with the experience of the two most skeptical parties, which governed the country between 2018 and 2019

>>> Download n.4/2021

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